DAM Shadow Tele 2,70m 40-60g

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The DAM SHADOW Tele rods convince not only with their very thin, light and fast 24TC carbon blank and the use of high-quality components, but also with their modern and timeless design. The Shadow Tele rods are equipped with light but resistant wrapped guides, which means that the action is much faster than with conventional telescopic rod rings. The rods are very good and balanced in the hand and the interaction of the camo-EVA fore grip with the classic cork handle makes the rods a real eye-catcher. The semi-parabolic action cushions head butts and quick escapes but still offers enough power reserves to land even capital fish safely.

  • Slim, light and powerful 24TC carbon blanks
  • Moderate-fast action
  • Black anodized metal parts
  • Light-weight single-leg wrapped guides
  • High grade full cork handle
  • Camo-EVA fore grip
  • Rutenlänge ca.: 2,70m
  • Teile: 6
  • Transportlänge ca.: 70cm
  • Rutengewicht ca.: 213g
  • Wurfgewicht: 40-60g

​(Abb. zeigt Serienpauschale, gelieferte Version wie beschrieben)

  • //AGW-intern: LF B17//