DAM Sensomax II Carp Picker 3,00m 15-55g

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The DAM Sensomax Quiver and Picker rods are the perfect choice for targeting fish like roach, bream, tench and small carp in ponds or small rivers.The DAM Sensomax II series is the follow up on our very popular DAM Sumo Sensomax series. In close cooperation with our feeder fishing experts we developed every model from scratch. The Sensomax II series has faster, slimmer and more powerful blanks than its previous version and the design is reworked and modernized completely as well. The wide range of Quiver, Picker, Feeder, Match and Bolo rods covers everything from fishing small still waters for roach, bream or tench up to fishing the big European rivers for carp or barbel. Each Sensomax II Quiver, Picker or Feeder rod is delivered with 3 different tips in a protection tube. DAM Sensomax II rods are built from angerls for anglers.

  • • Powerful, slim and lightweight TC 24 carbon blanks
  • • Hi-grade EVA fore grip and quality cork handle
  • • Down locked reel seat with black metal hoods
  • • Black guides with slim braid resistant SIC inlay
  • Rutenlänge ca.: 3,00m
  • Transportlänge ca.: 156cm
  • Rutengewicht ca.: 212g
  • Wurfgewicht: 15-55g